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Southern Cross Scoreboard Display Information

Southern Cross Scoreboards L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes) computerised scoreboards and display boards, are designed and manufactured in Australia. Southern Cross Scoreboards' uses the latest technology along with industry best materials to create a long lasting well finished product. Our displays are controlled by the latest microcomputer technology; not only to provide great feedback from data but also providing onboard testing and easy electronic maintenance.

Our displays utilise high visibility, long-life L.E.D. Our multi-colour LED's are from the leading LED manufacture in the world, Nichia of Japan. With the high-end LED's and our cutting edge circuit boards with automatic light adjusting technology - Southern Cross Scoreboards can provide displays with full visibility in all weather conditions.

Clients can choose between premium multi-colour or economical single colour displays for their selected scoreboard. Multi colour displays can be changed to 10 different colours all from the scoreboard remote. The colour options can be seen below:

Single colour options (White, Amber, Green, Red)


Viewing Distances - Below is a diagram of viewing distance compared with display size.

Viewing Angles - LED displays are at their brightest when viewed "head on" and slowly decrease in brightness as the viewing angle increases. Intensity has dropped 50 percent from the direct "head on" brightness. Viewing Angles






Southern Cross Scoreboards include the latest wireless technology for our scoreboard controllers to reach for a distance greater then 300metres; further than any sporting complex would ever need.

We are able to offer as an option for most scoreboard models a portable external 12V power supply including battery and charger unit.

The exterior of our scoreboards are housed in a powder coated aluminium enclosure with secure, vandal resistant, polycarbonate front windows.


  100mm 150mm 220mm 265mm 300mm 300mm 400mm
  7-Segment 7-Segment 7X5 Matrix 7-Segment 7Segment 7X5 Matrix 7-Segment
HEIGHT mm 105 158 235 270 310 310 390
WIDTH mm 62 90 174 195 220 220 285
LED's per Segment/Pixel 6 12 9 36 54 18 63
View Angle >120˚ >120˚ >120˚ >120˚ >120˚ >120˚ >120˚
Luminous Intensity (Brightness) mCd per Segment/ Pixel (Typical) 
RGB (Multi Colour) N/A N/A 8,730 34,920 52,380 17,460 61,110
Yellow 3,900 7,800 5,100 20,400 30,600 10,200 35,700
Red 3,900 7,800 5,100 20,400 30,600 10,200 35,700
Green 12,000 24,000 11,400 45,600 68,400 22,800 79,800
Blue (special order) 3,600 7,200 4,800 19,200 28,800 9,600 33,600
White 15,000 30,000 21,600 86,400 129,600 43,200 151,200
Circuit Board plating Gold (au) Gold (au) Gold (au) Gold (au) Gold (au) Gold (au) Gold (au)
Power supply 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V
LED Life (approx) >50,000Hrs >50,000Hrs >50,000Hrs >50,000Hrs >50,000Hrs >50,000Hrs >50,000Hrs
Australian Made Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Microprocessor Controlled  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y