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Electronic Clock Displays

Just need a game clock for your sport or commercial time of day clock! Southern cross have various sizes and software modules to fit your particular need.

Game clock LED display


Model ID

150mm 6 digit game clock SCCLK-150-6
265mm 6 digit game clock SCCLK-265-6
300mm 6 digit game clock SCCLK-300-6
380mm 6 digit game clock SCCLK-380-6
150mm 4 digit game clock SCCLK-150-4
265mm 4 digit game clock SCCLK-265-4
300mm 4 digit game clock SCCLK-300-4
380mm 4 digit game clock SCCLK-380-4

24 second shot clock


Model ID

100mm 24 second display, shot clock SCBB-SC100
150mm 24 second display, shot clock SCBB-SC150
150mm 24 second display with 100mm game clock, shot clock SCBB-SC150-GC100
265mm 24 second display, shot clock SCBB-SC265
265mm 24 second display with 150mm game clock, shot clock SCBB-SC265-GC150

Not sure what size!

Take a look at our Distance Diagram or the Display Info page to work out display and distance specifications.

LED Colour Options

Single colour options


Optional Accessories

- Siren
- Club logo or additional sign-writing
- Window colour (other then black)
- Installation
- Spare controller
- External waterproof 240v AC power input

Custom Made

Can’t find the right product in our standard range? Tell us what you want and we’ll build it! Visit Custom Scoreboards.